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Shadowbox Library Miniature


A library of magic inside a shadowbox.  This library has a black cat lounging on the shelves, a plant, a couple of crystals (quartz and apatite) and a piece of druzy.  The shelves are packed with beautifully patterned books, including books of spells, potions, poisons, and magic. There are potion bottles and scrolls on the shelves as well. It also features a mysterious secret passageway.

This miniature is housed in a wooden shadow box display case that measures 5 x 5 x 2.95 inches. The box has a magnetic closure for the door. There are hooks on the back to make it easy to place it on the wall, or you can just place it on a desk or shelf. 

For more on how this miniature library was made, and more photos, take a look at this progress blog post