Creativity and Constraints

So in January I got a little fabric-happy.  I had ideas!  I was making gremlets!  I kept ordering fabric, thinking I was done each time.  It was…a lot.  So when February hit I decided that it would be a month without buying craft supplies. 

I had projects in mind anyway, with everything I needed for them.  Of course my plans never last long.  It only took a couple of weeks before I threw the plan out the window and started making fairy houses. 

a lit up fairy house on a bookshelf

Luckily I already had a bunch of jars on hand to build around (I got them for another project that I never got around to back in November).  And I was on a roll, too!  I had made five, had two more started, and realized a problem: I was running out of clay.

five fairy houses on a shelf

I was basically out of all of my mixed greens and browns (important for fairy doors and vines), low on translucent, and for some reason I had an extra block of red but no blue or yellow left. 

Naturally, I considered ordering more clay, but I decided to stick with my craft buying ban as planned, and just work with what I had.  Use colors I wouldn’t normally, or move on to another project.  

Then I remembered that I had other jars–tiny jars. And I certainly had enough clay for TINY fairy houses.  

a small glass jar between two fingers

Anyway, this whole thing was a good reminder that sometimes constraints are great for leading to unexpected ideas.  And fairy house pendants, apparently.  

The tiny fairy house pendants are available now! 

two rows of fairy house pendants

They are built around the tiny glass jars, so treasures can be added to them.  I wore mine around nonstop for a couple of weeks, and it stayed shut (even when it banged into tables and Mia Mayhem thought it looked like a good thing to nibble on), but they can also be glued shut. 

Check out the fairy house listing.  


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