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Whimsy Station's Blog!  News, ideas, and other rambles. 

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  • Cricut + Fabric Spray Paint = Magic

    Aug 30 2018

    I don't use my Cricut as much as I mean to. When I do, it's usually for vinyl cutting to make a t-shirt or decorate something. I always k...

  • Shiny New Finds

    Aug 14 2018

    I spent most of this past weekend sorting through things.  If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw some of the bizarre things that ...

  • Welcome Back!

    Aug 04 2018

    REVISIONS ARE DONE (for now). Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, welcome back!  Here’s some of the crafty goodness that took place w...

  • Break Time!

    Mar 22 2018

    Whimsy Station is going dark for a bit.  Mostly this is because I'm revising a novel and neglecting the store as a result, so the natural...

  • Adventures in Needle Felting

    Oct 25 2017

    If you follow me on Twitter you've probably seen some of these pictures go by.  I haven't made too many creatures yet, but so far I love...