A Short History of Gremlins


Time for a quick history of Whimsy gremlins.  It started with the ink monsters back in 2017. After drawing a series of them, I decided I wanted to make a doll version.  I started off with felt.

a felt gremlin in a felt egg

It was cute, but I thought it could be better.  And I wanted it to be able to sit in an ink jar.  This is how I originally wandered into needle felting.  That’s how this little gremlin happened.  Still wasn’t quite what I wanted (though not terrible for a first needle felting project!).  I think at that point I got distracted with other things.  This one was torn apart by Mia Mayhem recently. 

needle felted gremlin

There are probably some I'm missing in between, but these are some summer 2020 gremlins that were wonderful stress relief. They became Christmas ornaments and live on the tree every year now. 

Four mini felt gremlins

While the two below are not gremlins, I do think the glitter monster and the cozy monsters from fall 2020 definitely pushed along the gremlin designs.  Their designs helped me get a better idea of how I wanted the gremlin plushies to look.  For a bit there were a lot of cozy monsters.

cozy monster

glitter monster

I got back to the gremlin making in February of 2021.  Needle felted again, but with a lot more practice!

A large needle felted gremlin

Many gremlins were made.

Needle felted gremlins on a mantle

Then there were some mini needle felted gremlins. Not sure when the first one came about, but the others appeared in December 2021.  (And there's a winged one hiding somewhere...)

Mini needle felted gremlins

And then of course they became clay!  This one ran off to live in a moongate.

Miniature gremlin in a moongate world

And then I tried my first big plushie gremlin in February 2022!  Mini needle felted gremlin for scale.  After some pattern adjustments, the gremlins took over. 

A mini needle felted gremlin next to the first test plush gremlin

A bunch of gremlins lined up on benches

And last week I started with a new design...meet the gremlets!

mini gremlin plushies

Note: both gremlin plushie types started with patterns by Chloy Knight, and were altered from there. 



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