Growing Gremlins

If you've followed me for a long time, you've probably seen many gremlins in many styles.  I love making weird little creatures.  I always have.  I've made needle felted ones, felt ones, clay ones...well, if you want a short gremlin timeline, you can check this Twitter thread.

Mostly I've kept the gremlins small.  Most recently I made tiny clay ones to go inside miniatures.  

gremlin in a moongate miniature

But sometimes you just need a gremlin hug, right?  So I decided to try out some plushies.  I found a pattern by Chloy Knight to use as a base, made some alterations to it, and then I had my first gremlin plushie (needle felted mini-gremlin for scale).  

gremlin plushie and needle felted

After that...I ran off to the fabric store.  Immediately.  I stocked up on different fabrics, made a few more alterations to the pattern, and I've been sewing gremlins ever since.  There are...a few of them (and as I'm typing, there are more in progress!).  

gremlin group

Want to see what gremlins are available?  Go check out the gremlin collection page


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