Halloween Fun

I fell into the Halloween spirit a bit late, but there's still time.  Below you'll find my silly cork-bat activity from last year.  I still have one of these little guys on my desk!

"I'll find something to do with this."

It's a sentence that us crafty types use a lot, and we all know how much trouble it is.  I've been saving wine and champagne corks for YEARS (there were a few cork robots, but not enough to justify the whole pitcher of corks).  Now I have a new purpose for them.  Cute little Halloween bats!

What you'll need: 

  • Corks
  • a toilet paper or paper towel roll (or any other cardboard/cardstock)
  • A marker or a pencil
  • Paint (markers work also, but they end up being pretty messy)
  • A paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes, paint, or something else for eyes

Cut open a toilet paper roll, flatten it, and hold your cork to it to draw some wings.  Don't worry if your lines are messy, you'll paint over it!  

For the ears you can do two individual triangles or you can put them together in one shape.  Bend them back so they stand up.

Glue the ears and wings to your cork and let them dry.  You can use hot glue if you have it to speed this up.

Once it's dry, paint your bat!  I put straight pins in the corks so I could pick them up while painting without getting messy (I did anyway, of course).  You may have to adjust the ears a bit as the paint dries, depending on how thick your cardboard is.  Mine drooped a bit, but they dried just fine.


Let the paint dry and add your googly eyes or any other decorations you want.


And you have a bat!  Or bats!


Of course after I finished mine I decided that I wanted to hang one of them from something  - a piece of ribbon and a straight pin solved that.







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