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Posted on September 28 2017

Last year was my first Inktober.   Usually my drawing is spread out, just when I’m in the mood or struck by an idea, it’s not something I schedule.  The idea of drawing every day was a bit daunting, so I set out planning to use playing card sized paper, uncertain I’d find the time to do much more than that on a daily basis.

I did a lot of little cards, but I also drew a lot of coloring pages, and some larger pieces that were just a lot of fun.

It was a great experience, so I’m definitely doing it again.  I’ve been trying to come up with a theme for myself (and failing), so I’m just going to draw!  This year I’ll also do some digital ink, so keep an eye out for new t-shirts and bags popping up in the shop.

Some more Inktober creations from last year below (and some links):


You can find products with some of these drawings spread across our online homes:


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