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Throwback Thursday: Meet the Zoinkies

Posted on July 13 2017

Back around September I had an idea for a weird little blob critter. Honestly, I was looking for any reason to avoid thinking about politics, and wanted to create something that would make people smile.  I'm hoping to make a new cuddle of zoinkies soon (yes, that is the official collective noun, it was decided on Twitter).

Here's the post from back then!

These are Zoinkies.  

A Zoinkie is a strange little critter that hopes to make you smile.  Zoinkies come in all shapes and sizes and levels of fluff, but they are easily recognizable by their distinctive star antennae and friendly demeanor.  They’re just a little bit of magic for your world.





How the Zoinkie dolls came to be







I was thinking about weird little things that make you smile, and an idea for a critter popped into my head.  I was at work at the time, so I doodled it on a post it and went back to my endless spreadsheet.

This happens a lot.  Often nothing comes of it.  

But then my ankle was hurt.  I had to cancel my Friday dinner plans and head home, take it easy for the weekend.  That little critter idea was still bugging me, and sewing doesn’t require walking around…so I grabbed the first fabric I could find and made a test critter.  I took it next door to show my sister and the little monsters.

Then I lost my test critter.




So I made more.


  And now we have the Zoinkies!  


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