On Relaxing & Creating

This past Tuesday I was packing my bag for work and instead of putting in novel pages for revision or a word bunny that needed finishing touches I decided that I would spend my lunch hour just doodling and relaxing.

Of course when that lunch hour came around I thought of about a dozen other, more productive, things I could do with that time: scheduling social media posts, making a revision checklist, designing the shirt my niece wants, writing blog posts-you get it.

I was determined though.  I got my sketchbook and my brush pen and I was going to doodle.  I was going to spend a full 45 minutes just drawing without purpose because I couldn't remember the last time I had done that.

It was really hard.

I updated the header announcement in the shop.  I checked a few emails.  Answered some of my DMs.  I considered going to my computer and giving up on it (you can tell from the lines that I was stressed for a bit there).  But instead I stayed.  I doodled.  I checked the time about a dozen times-at first because I wondered if there was still time to go get something done, but then because I was worried I'd forget to go back to work because I was just having fun.  I went back to my desk feeling inspired, refreshed.



Sometimes while juggling all the things life throws at us (plus the world currently being on fire) we forget how important it is to relax, to create just for the sake of creating, and to just enjoy it.  Sometimes it's nice to set the goals aside and just play, and I think it enhances the work down the line.  

I'm going to try to do this more often, what about you?


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