Plot Bunnies

Back in July I found myself in need of a project that could be completed quickly.  This is something that happens to me a lot while I'm working on a novel draft that's tricky - I just need to work on something that is quick, relaxed, and will remind me that I can finish something.

Usually when I need this sort of crafty stress-relief, I sew strange creatures.  Lately I've had trouble doing that though (not exactly news, but focusing in the past few months has been a struggle).

So I turned to drawing plot bunnies, which is something I've done before. 

plot bunny outlines

And since it's been months since I painted anything, I broke out the gouache.

Painted plot bunnies

Since then, I've been taking bunny breaks at various times.  It's been good stress relief.  They're simple, quick, and make me smile.  And as a bonus, I get to play with all of my shimmery inks.  

shimmer plot bunny

The problem here being that (naturally) I've been stressed A LOT lately.  I may need to figure out what to do with all these plot bunnies soon.  

All the bunnies


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