Our Story

Alexis, Carmen, and Sara in the dresses they made for the Renaissance Faire.

Alexis, Carmen, and Sara (left to right) in the dresses they made for the
Renaissance Faire.


Alexis is a kindergarten teacher with too many children (three).  She’s been a NYC teacher for ten years, but with the arrival of her third child she is taking a year off to stay at home with her munchkins.   In the rare moments when she’s not chasing her children around, or sleeping, she’s crocheting.  Her favorite projects are toys and blankets for children or accessories for adults.  While crocheting, she likes to listen to audio book, mainly sci-fi or historical fiction.  While people are always impressed with her high energy they don’t realize that she lives off of large amounts of coffee and carbs in all forms.

Carmen was an accountant for many years, but always loved crafts.  As a young girl she loved to sew and made herself dresses through her teen years.  Later she discovered jewelry making.  Since then, she has made enough that her and her daughters don’t have to buy earrings anymore.  Recently she fell in love with bracelet making, especially wraps.  She also crochets, usually large afghans, and she likes to sew quilt covers with fun designs for her grandkids.  In addition to crafts, she loves indoor gardening—her windows are covered with plants.  She also loves to read and listen to audio books, especially fantasy.

Sara has always loved to draw.  As a child it was usually on the smallest surface possible—most likely a tiny post-it from her mom’s office.  Now she loves painting on large canvases.  When she’s not painting she’s sewing, making jewelry, or coming up with wacky projects to do with the little monsters (otherwise known as Alexis’s children).  In addition to all the crafts, she spends a lot of time writing fantasy novels, or delivering homemade baked goods to friends around the city.  Any typos you find here are probably hers.


Why Whimsy Station

It all started with a bombat.

If you're wondering what a bombat is, then you're pretty much in the same place we started.  We were at the zoo and my nephew, who was about 1 1/2 at the time, saw a lemur.  He pointed and said, quite clearly, "bombat!"

Me, my mom, and my sister all tried to convince him otherwise.  The conversation went something like this…

Us: that's a lemur!  Can you say lemur?  Lee-mur.
Francisco:  bombat!
Us: lemur!
Francisco: bombat!

And then we moved on.  We saw rabbits, otters, binturongs (those are real), and countless other animals.  Francisco insisted that they were all bombats, with the exception of the anything that fell under doggie, cat, or horse.

So we started discussing what a bombat was, exactly.  It was definitely mammal-like.  It was smaller than a horse.  It would have big eyes, big ears, and a fluffy tail.

We started to joke about how bombats were following us around, magical little tricksters that only children could see.

With multiple imaginations at work this story grew quickly.  Bombats lived, with many other magical creatures, in a world that most adults are simply incapable of seeing.  Their court is in Grand Central Station, their ruler living behind the clock.  Except for them it's Whimsy Station.

Of course we did the only logical thing you could do at that point.  We went online to see if the domain name was available.  A few weeks later when we decided to open an online shop, we already had a home to build it in.

What happened to the bombats?  Well they’re still hanging around.

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