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Custom Order Form

Have you ordered a custom item?  This is the form for you!  Fill it out to let me know what you're looking for in the product you've ordered.  Please make sure you fill it out with the name and email address you used for your order!  


If you've ordered a custom acrostic necklace please let me know: 

  • Your message: what word/words you'd like spelled out!  Please double and triple check your message for errors.  


If you've ordered a custom library please let me know your preferences for:

  • Book titles: Depending on library design and the length of your titles, I can put in 5-7 customized books.  To keep the titles readable, I'd suggest no more than 15 characters (including spaces) in length per line.  You can add 2 lines of text on the largest books. The easiest titles to read are single words. 
  • Colors: want all purple books?  A rainbow of books?  A yellow background? Something with glitter? Let me know what you have in mind and we'll see what materials I have available!
  • Potions, stones, & stars: let me know what else you might want included, or if you want to be surprised.  
  • Creatures: want a dragon guarding your library?  A cat on the shelves?  Let me know!