Halloween Monster Takeover

About a year ago, I made a monster doll for my soon-to-be baby cousin.  It turned out to be one of her favorites, so when I got a text saying: "I'm going to need more of these," I knew there would be more monster dolls in my future.  

lavender monster doll

Then I started in on my Halloween crafting, and impulse shopping led to the purchase of eight yards of fleece in themed colors, so...Halloween monsters! The perfect solution, right? 

The first one was a bit bigger than I wanted, but it was a good test.  So I went smaller.  Except then the niblings saw the monsters and I had to keep stopping them from wandering off with them...so I knew I'd have to make more.  I cut some pieces for more. 


The next ones were cute little mini monsters. 

Then I needed to test various color combinations (did I mention the 8 yards of fabric I needed to justify buying?).  

I was working on sewing up the last of these when the biggest nibling suggested I make one with THREE eyes.  So I have no idea what I'll be doing with these, but apparently there will be more monsters!  



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