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I'm not sure how I wound up down this particular internet rabbit hole, but recently I spent few hours looking at leather pouches for fountain pens.  There are so many of them! They are so pretty! Some are personalized, or in amazing colors, and - well, as I was trying to justify getting myself one, I realized I had a box of leather scraps in the craft room.

The first one was a bit of a disaster.  I chose an unnecessarily complicated design to try, created my pattern, chose a stitch that was impossible with the thread I had on hand, and...well, you can see how that might've gone!  But I used it to test different types of stitching, and it does hold pens, so I suppose as far as first tries go, it was a success.  

After that, I ordered thinner thread, more leather, finishing tools, and decided to practice with a whip stitch and a more simple design. 

Two leather pouches, one open holding three fountain pens, one closed with a pen on top of it

By my third try, I fixed up my pattern well enough that I was happy with the result.  And since it was a lighter color, I used the laser engraver to add my cat writing familiar on the flap.  

 leather pen pouch with a cat designLeather pen pouch with a cat design engraved on it.

Of course now I have a nice stack of colorful leather and leatherette pieces on hand and way too many ideas that I want to try out.  

Pile of colorful leather scraps


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