Ren Faire Time!

It’s Renaissance Faire time, which means I’ve spent the last month putting off making anything, and now I’m marathon-sewing until we go!  We have enough costumes for the adults, but my niece has grown too much to fit into her dress from last year, so she needs a new one. 

Luckily, I have my puppy assistants. Here you can see Kaz helping me…pick fabric.  Right. 


I didn’t get the chance to measure her, so I just based the pattern off of looking at one of her shirts and hoping for the best, so I started with fabric I had a lot of.  It fit, and she liked it, but she wasn’t too excited. 

So I decided to make something more her style instead (if I finish it, the green will be a backup dress…always good to have when you’re 4 years old). 


Next I need to decide which of the old costumes I'm wearing.  I think I'm going to be a fairy this year.  


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